The Week of Awesome - Day 3

Current State Completed More artwork Voxel Collisions Improved collision with the sprites Improved fake shadows Continued to clean up the code Tomorrow Implement the created level Add more toys Sprite »

The Week of Awesome - Day 2

Current State Completed More artwork Simple collisions Voxel mesh generation Added fake shadows Refactored a lot of code for upcoming AI Tomorrow Collisions with the level (voxels) Sprite Attacks Sprite »

The Week of Awesome - Day 1

Theme We stayed up late last night in order to check out what the theme was: The toys are alive! Current State Artwork The Idea We're aiming for a button »

Open Source, Licensing, or In-House?

What's the deal? We've put a lot of work into the OPifex Engine over the last couple of years. It's a platform that we'll be continuing with for a long »


Take control of Blob Man and explore planet-like canvases filled with crazy paint creatures. Catch the small worms of paint as they dart around in order to change your color, »

OPifex Engine - Part 2

Previously we discussed an overview of the OPifex Engine. The Core The Core Layer is meant to provide the simplest elements of any game. This means no graphical interfaces, no »