Design Plan for Oscar Papa

First and foremost, Oscar Papa isn’t just a 2d shooter. Sure, versus is going to be the intense, bullet-by-bullet dogfight that you can see in our initial video. But »

Oscar Papa - To be continued!

OuyaCREATE Two weeks is not a very long time, but through coffee filled nights (gross dirt coffee, thanks to Kirk) and sleep-deprived days, we managed to not only pull our »


It's been quite a few months since our last blog post... and we apologize! Hopefully you've been following us on Facebook and Twitter - and if so then you know »

Enter: Game Designer

As this is my first blog post I figured I’d write a little background about myself and how I got into game design. Nothing important, but maybe it will »

Why create an engine?

There's been some discussion about why OPifex Entertainment is creating a brand new engine from scratch. There are already so many engines out there with the capabilities that we would »

Running Android NDK

We're moving to the Ouya console! In our past projects we've used XNA, which is Windows based, and will not run on the Ouya. (Unless you take a look at »