Ultimate Bro-Down: Post mortem

Week of Awesome II # Kirk On August 24th, a second annual game development competition was posted on gamedev.net. Like many game jams, it followed pretty standard rules. Adhere to »


Take control of Blob Man and explore planet-like canvases filled with crazy paint creatures. Catch the small worms of paint as they dart around in order to change your color, »

Hello World

We’re still here! Development of our engine has been running full steam for over 13 months now, and we now have in our hands a very powerful tool for »

Plan for 2014

2013 didn’t end up being a very public-facing year… but in 2014 we are now set up for great things. Last year we accomplished: OP Engine – PC, Linux, Android »

Another Month Down

As October comes to a close, we are happy to report that after a week-long work jam, our versus mode for Oscar Papa is… playable! In other words, we’re »

Cannons & Cutthroats

Play as a pirate, Captain of your own ship! Your goal is to score more booty than your friends, and along the way you will obtain precious treasures hold prisoners »